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7 Important things to do AFTER the Wedding

Once things have settled down from the big day and you finally have a chance to catch your breath, there are a few very Important Things to do AFTER the Wedding.

Thank You Cards

In a social media day and age Thank You Cards are becoming a rarity but their meaning is still of high importance . When sending a short, personalized message to each guest thanking them for attending your wedding, their gift or the gift of their time, it is the simplest gesture to show your gratitude and it makes them feel so appreciated. Set aside some time each day, even as few as ten minutes a day can largely reduce this large task. One thing to note is your guests should receive their thank you notes no later than two months after your wedding. Don't forget to include thank you cards for each member of your wedding party, your family members and your parents as well. They have been involved in supporting you on the journey of this day.

Changing Your Name

If you are taking the traditional route and plan on changing your name a trip to the Department of Motor Vehicles DMV is just one of the few places you may need to take care of in changing your information. You may also need to take a trip to the bank, medical/dental and insurance providers with a copy of your marriage certificate. Military spouses, get enrolled in DEERS and get your new ID. Click the Checklist for information on how to go about it. Checklist for New Military Spouses . It is a little work, but also exciting!

Review Your Vendors With Online Reviews

Word of mouth is one of the surest ways people tend to book vendors and your feedback is very important. One of the best ways to say Thank You to those that had worked so hard to make your wedding day so memorable is a positive online review and a follow-up email. It will be very much appreciated!

Choose Your Dry Cleaner

Being that your gown just might be the single most important piece of clothing you will ever own, why trust it with just anyone? Most likely you will want to get your gown dry cleaned within a week of your wedding so do your research. Read the online reviews to ensure the proper care of such an item so if you decide to save this dress to pass down to your children or children's children or sell it, you know it will be in the best hands possible.

Choose your Picture Print Package

Make sure once things get somewhat to a new normal that you schedule an appointment with your photographer to select your heirloom prints and keepsake photo albums. Your photographer will help you in selecting packages that best fit your needs. There are many options to choose from beautiful canvas, metal or heirloom prints. Don't let your wedding day memories just sit on a thumb-drive.

Check that Insurance Policy

If you haven't already make sure that you contact your insurance company to make sure that your policy includes your wedding ring. It is something that may be overlooked that could bring peace of mind if something ever happens to it.

Check the Paperwork

Perhaps the most important yet tedious tasks would be to make an appointment with a lawyer & financial adviser to discuss your wills, life insurance, financial future and securities. Make sure you both make time for this, it's an important investment in your future.

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