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A Beautiful Flower Amongst the Flowers

Springtime is one of my favorite seasons. The days are getting longer, the weather gets a bit warmer and the flowers are blooming everywhere. After a cold winter, flowers are budding and transform into beautiful flowers almost right before your eyes. There is something hopeful about the blooms of the cherry blossoms. My family and I would go to this park that has a few rows of these beautiful trees every spring.

 Every year it is hit or miss as to if it would be 40 degrees or 70! There is an on-going joke in my house that I always decide to take family pictures on the coldest days, but this day we lucked out! 76 Degrees! Just couldn’t ask for a better day! This spring was a little different for me. My son is off at college so my daughter being the youngest is the only one left to take pictures with the cherry blossoms. As I was adjusting my settings on my camera, I was reflecting…

This is my daughter’s senior year of high school. In a few short months she will graduate and shortly afterwards be off to her first year in college. My children have grown into some pretty amazing young adults. They have their own thoughts and opinions and hold true to their own values. Watching them hit the normal milestones of young adulthood reminds me of a time when I was eagerly looking on their growth charts in the doctors office and beaming with pride (the good kind of pride) over those accomplishments of the first time they successfully tied their own shoes, riding their first bike, with and then without training wheels. Reading their first book, making their first friend and even having to make up with a friend after a fight. 

I have watched my daughter overcome some pretty amazing things the past few years. I have seen her set several personal goals, high goals at that and achieve them entirely on her own drive and determination. I look at her and think of a time when she was so terribly shy she would hide behind her brother, dad or me, and yet just a few years later she was on stage singing in front of her entire summer camp. Having such compassion that she started a campaign at her school to raise money for children of Haiti in the wake of their horrible earthquake. The lessons learned when she played softball; she learned that yes, loosing sometimes sucks but it builds character and how you handle yourself demonstrates integrity. I look at her and I am in awe that I have been blessed with such a beautiful young lady. I enjoyed this time alone together with her at the cherry blossoms. She truly is a beautiful flower amongst the flowers.

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