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My Top 20 First Dance Songs Picks

Picking your 1st dance song is one of the last details people tend to think about but one that tells your guests about your love story. There are so many songs to choose from so I have compiled a list of 20 songs to help the process. It's classic meets country, meets modern and big band sound. There is something for everybody.

Here are my top picks for wedding songs and why.

1. Marry Me by Train

The title says it all.

2. Come Away With Me by Nora Jones

Norah Jones has a very sultry voice and it's extremely soothing.

3. It Had To Be You Harry Connick, Jr.

If there were ever a song that I would choose for myself, it would most definitely be this one!! I love the big band production sound in this love song! Just envision... a great show stopper, ballroom mixed with a foxtrot style 1st dance It is such a fun-loving song!

4. You Had Me From Hello Kenny Chesney

The movie Jerry Maguire comes to mind when I hear this song.

5. Keeper Of The Stars Tracy Byrd

This one is very near and dear to my heart. This was the first song my husband and I had danced to when we were dating. The words and Tracy Byrd's voice...yes! (And we are not country music people)

6. I'll Still Be Loving You Restless Heart

Another of my favorites! UGH! This is hard! Not too country, not too pop and it has beautiful harmony! And the words in the song...Love!

7. Into The Mystic Van Morrison

Laid back, barefoot, dancing at sunset on the beach is what I think of when I hear this song. Into the mystic as such a relaxing beach style 1st dance wedding.

8. My baby Cares Just For Me Nina Simone

Ahh...Nina Simone. Her sultry voice and swanky style. Or if you prefer for a more modern, bigger band style- Michael Buble did a remake of this.. Either style...Get your dancing shoes ready! It's going to be a show stopper.

9. Grow Old With You Adam Sandler From The Wedding Singer

This is just a very sweet song.

10. I Just Can't Stop Loving You Michael Jackson

Because seriously, who doesn't love a little Michael?

11. Harvest Moon Neil Young

Such a perfect song for a rustic style wedding or even a beach wedding an outside wedding.

12. Perfect Day Lou Reed

"Oh, it's such a perfect day, I'm glad I spent it with you.." Perfect for that unique couple with an alternative styled wedding.

13. You Are The Best Thing by Ray LaMontagne

FUN! FUN! FUN! Love this song! For the couple that is fun and in their own little world laughing on the dance floor!

14. A Thousand Years Christina Perri

Twilight fan or not, this love song is hauntingly beautiful.

15. Go Old Along With Me John Lennon

One of my favorite love songs from John Lennon. Based on a poem by Robert Browning.

16. I Will Be Here Steven Curtis Chapman featured on the movie Up

Simply put, the most tender and loving song of promise and the meaning of love.

17. Sea Of Love by Cat Power or Robert Plant Of the Honeydrippers

This song is a beautiful choice yet with two very different styles. The Original Honeydrippers version is lighthearted and movable with the ability for some dips and spins. Cat Power's version is a unique take on this beautiful song. It definitely is up to your personal style.

18. I Was Made For You by She and Him

Such a fun modern 50"s style song! Perfect for a bride and groom to act this song out on the dance floor.

19. I'll Follow You - Jon McLaughlin

All the feels in this one!!! I love the emotion and his devotion to his significant other in the song and let's just face it I'm just sucker for a cello.

20. As Stevie Wonder

Because Stevie Wonder says it all in a happy, uplifting and fun way!

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