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Put some color in your session!

So who said photo sessions have to be inside in a STUDIO, be boring and have a solid or plain background? Most definitely not me! Don't get me wrong, I do not have a problem with STUDIO sessions and I do appreciate a plain neutral background now and again. Though I do tend to be a minimalist and I do enjoy the less as more theory, I absolutely love the vibrant colors in murals. They make a fabulous background for any style photo session. Paired with a solid outfit, the busy mural background and vibrant colors it can really tie together any kind of photo session. Not to mention, these beautiful murals along with a little walk to and from seem to breathe energy and give excitement to a photo session. Most people I have recently photographed are unaware of such a Hidden Gem as the Art District or otherwise known as the Neon District of Norfolk.

I found that even the shyest of people will open up and start to feel like a rock-star when they do their photo sessions down at the art district. It's fun, it's flirty! It's a conversation starter because you're getting art and a session and you get to see a part of your city that you would not normally go and see.

This beautiful young lady took advantage of a warm, gloomy morning and brought some color and vibrancy to the colorful art district. She looked lovely in her coral sleeveless fit - and - flare dress. Layered with feminine lace it creates a fun, flirty party dress.

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