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What I did on my Summer Vacation

Happy Friday everyone! I remember when I was in school this would be our icebreaker or our first writing assignment so I thought this to be an apropos title as I have not posted any pictures or blogs since the start of summer! Time really can pass quickly. I have spent my time and summer one of the best ways I could ever hope for, and that is with my family making memories. It involved family, travel, planning, parties, friends, work, reunions, personal growth and me documenting everything through photographs.

My summer vacation started off in June with a high school graduation of my youngest child. I was busy preparing for such a milestone event, all of the last minute must do and have items to tend to. The grandparents, the party, the graduation. With the successful completion of that event, we headed out on a two day drive to the Midwest. We spent a few weeks in the country catching fireflies and shooting bottle rockets. I swear that is absolutely beautiful country (to visit)! My husband is from the Midwest so we had a nice visit with family and even made it to his high school reunion. We headed back after a few weeks. We did have an unfortunate meeting with a coyote whilst on the road back home that caused an unsettled nerve or two, but made it back home safely after a couple of days.

My son who was home on summer break learned the value of a dollar with some real trade work, that showed him what an honest days work was really all about. He quickly then practiced and perfected the on line job application process and landed the perfect summer job for him. He was able to save some money for his fall semester.

Next came my children’s birthdays and planning their gatherings…yes, their birthday gatherings. My daughter had an idea of a Bob Ross Paint party and I must say it turned out quite nice! I was really impressed with the art they all created. I must say that I am still “mom” and was quite nervous about all that paint spilling anywhere. Much to my surprise I may have been worried about nothing…not a drop was spilled!

My highlight of my summer vacation was returning to my home state of NY! I surprised my husband with Cooperstown and the Baseball Hall of Fame! My family had never been so it was nice to be able to share that experience with them. We spent some amazing days in Watkins Glen hiking and enjoying some fabulous Italian food. Watkins Glen has 19 waterfalls and about 800 steps in it’s small 2 mile radius. It was quite an accomplishment for this girl as I am not yet in the best shape in my life, and I am terrified of heights. I am thrilled I did this because it really is a breathtaking place with it's beauty. Watkins Glen isn’t the only place my kids got to see waterfalls while in NY. I took my kids to see Buttermilk Falls on the way to Watkins Glen because it is a song by the X Ambassadors that we love, so it was a “must do.” We of course listened and sang the song as we hiked up the hill. (Fun Fact: The X Ambassadors met at Ithaca College just two minutes down the road) They also got to make a quick trip up to see Niagara Falls. They had been there a couple of times prior to this visit, but they were too young to remember it. It is just as amazing today as it was many years ago!

While home I got to go to my 30th high school reunion, yes, my 30th! So many years yet it was as if no time had really passed. How fitting is it that my daughter just graduated high school and she got to experience a part of my 30th high school reunion! It was wonderful reconnecting with old friends and reacquainting myself with my graduating class. Time too was short and left me wanting to spend more time with them, but it was time to get back home to prepare my oldest for his 4th year at his university and my daughter ready for her big transition to college life and dorm living.

This was honestly the best summer I have had in years and I am so extremely blessed to have created these memories. Thank you for letting me share What I did on my Summer Vacation with you!

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